Thursday, September 20, 2007

twue wuv

Sarah: You're beautiful. Now go make me dinner.
Niki: I'm going to be a househusband!
Sarah, sweetly: See, rich people hire people to do things like that for them. I hire you for free, and that makes you a sucker. (smiles lovingly)

Sarah: You should learn Greek with me.
Niki: That would be work.
Sarah: But it would be funny! Your handwriting in Greek would be hilarious. (giggles)
Niki: Hey, it's no fair for you to laugh at me for something I haven't even done yet.
Sarah: Aha! You just said it was something you haven't done yet. Which means you WILL do it in the future.
Niki: Not true. The US makes "preemptive strikes" against lots countries that would never have attacked us if we hadn't done a preemptive strike...
Sarah: Ah, but they attack us after the preemptive strike, which means we struck them before they struck us after all.
Niki: ...
Sarah: So I laugh at you preemptively, which apparently makes you... learn Greek?


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