Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Quote Wall - Drunken Munchkin

Derek *After sitting down to play a new game and picking up random cards beside him*: These aren't my cards...

Derek has died XVI times, and has no class.

Scott: I can't feel my face.

Rules: Whenever you gain a level, take a drink.
Whenever you lose a level, take two drinks.
Whenever you are benefiting from race abilities, take a drink.
Dwarves may only drink beer or other appropriately dwarven drinks.
Halflings may only take shots.
Elves may only drink girly drinks.
Winning: Everyone is a cleric and divine intervention is played (everyone wins)
When ever you reach level ten (normally win) you reset to one, loose items and cards, draw 4 more, and make a new rule. This rule may not be I win, though if I get level 10 again I win, is acceptable.

Optional Rules From Night:
Mattie: Whenever Derek dies, everyone drinks.
Mattie: Jason can make anyone drink.
Jason: Whenever Austin is made to drink, Derek drinks instead.
Jason: Whenever you gain a level you instead drink for the number of items you are benefiting from. (This lead to a very bad off Jason having to drink 24 drinks...)
Mattie: I don't care what Scott says the rules are this has been going on too long and he's asleep. I win.


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