Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mayonnaise: Satan's Spawn?

Who needs comedians when you have professors?

Prof Arana: Number 2 - you know, the one the little kids count, (sings) "1, 2, 3, 4..."

Prof Arana: When I was an undergraduate, I thought I should have this tattooed on my back. (pause) Maybe I did. (winks)

Prof Arana: It keeps building up again and again and again and again until your synapses are just overwhelmed with coolness.

Prof Arana: Let me pass out the... well, not literally pass out.

Prof Arana: So just be a careful, annoying student.

Prof Arana: I'm just so excited to write Greek letters, I can't help myself.

Prof Arana: Mayonnaise is the spawn of the devil.

Prof Arana: I want to kind of kick back. Maybe I'll teach with my left hand.

Prof Arana: We'd be here for a while. Yeah, there would be this medical problem, you know, death...

Prof Arana: I'm not wearing a dress today.

Prof Arana: You gotta hold me back. I'm a raging bull today.

Prof Arana: I'm so excited I'll be back from France in time to go to the rodeo this summer.

Prof Johnson: And following energy flow, we're going to get into nutrient cycling, which is just about the hottest topic there is.

Prof Johnson: You like my humus particle?

Prof Sabates: (chair creaks) That's the pineal gland, or no?

Prof Sabates: Because it's partly material and partly... soulish.

Prof Sabates: My soul isn't the right kind of soul for a respectable person.

Prof Sabates: (stops to rub neck) I wonder whether a Martian can have a neck pain.

Prof Sabates: The plural of "octopus", by the way, is "octopuses". I learned many things from my PhD advisor. This is not the most important, but it is perhaps the most remarkable.

Prof Sabates: I know you behave much like me... okay, not that bad, but roughly.

Prof Sabates: Water is a nickel, coke is a dime, and then for a quarter, you get a pretty good glass of Chardonnay.


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