Thursday, February 08, 2007

I want a PhD in Fun!

Zach: I'm on the leading edge of pesto science. I have a minor in apple butter.

Zach: You know what I really like?
Niki and Sarah, in unison: Pickles?

Zach: Since my car is... a bicycle, and it's parked over here.

University of Fun
PhD Course Catalog

Core Curriculum
LP 101 Pie: An Overview
LP 104 The Art of Setting Things on Fire
HD 101 Bad Puns
WA 101 Looking Busy
RD 101 Poking Things With a Stick

Leisure Pursuits
LP 102 Hitting a Ball With a Stick
LP 103 The Art of Button-Mashing
LP 110 YouTube for Fun and Profit
LP 111 Oh My God, Shoes
LP 214 Pointless Road Trips
LP 221 Rolling Down Hills
LP 230 Finding and Enjoying Bad Fanfic
LP 255 Peace, Love, Unity, Respect
LP 271 Interactive Film-Watching
LP 272 Advanced Culinary Appreciation
LP 299 Finding the Clitoris
LP Practicum: Psychotropic Drugs
LP Practicum: Kama Sutra

Department of Humor Development Department
HD 103 Sarcasm and You
HD 105 Light Bulb Jokes
HD 106 Monty Python Seminar
HD 110 Laughing at Yourself
HD 201 The 80s: WTF?
HD 210 Annoying the General Public
HD 255 The Comic Potential of Drunk Friends
HD 265 Transvestism in Humour
HD 290 Dirty Jokes
HD Practicum: Stupid Human Tricks
HD Practicum: Flash Mobs

Work Avoidance Strategies
WA 102 Not Caring
WA 103 Extreme Napping
WA 104 Introduction to Malingering
WA 105 Procrastinating With Buffalo
WA 206 Wikipedia is Really Work
WA 208 Online Gaming as a "Life Substitute"
WA Practicum: Creative Excuses
WA Practicum: Becoming a Medical Test Subject

Research and Development
RD 112 Inciting Riots
RD 124 Live Action Role Playing
RD 127 Homemade Sporting Equipment
RD 207 Internet Drama Provocation
RD 270 Studies in Havoc-Causing
RD 297 Game Creation: The MacGyver Method
RD Practicum: Food Experiments (legal waiver required)
RD Practicum: Animating Inanimate Objects


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