Monday, February 26, 2007

Feb 25, 2007

Zach: Kansas has its own unique, flat... redundant beauty.

Amanda: You have to be careful with those. If I had bought one, I might have saved my last marriage, which shouldn’t be saved.
Matt (quoting Amanda, in reference to her last marriage): “This sucks, but…”

Niki: It’s an entire zoo in your pants.

Amanda: Don’t use your sex toy for calf pain!

Amanda, about Katie’s phone: It’s like the Satan phone!

Zach: They hide the ones that are like five feet long and go around like this: (flails arm around)

Jessie: We’re so cool, we have our own STD.
Niki: Yeah, but it’s an STD that gets you out of speeding tickets.

Amanda: I have to go to the bathroom... I need to check for diplomatic immunity.

Amanda: Matt. Razor blades in apples. Urban myth or fact?
Matt: Urban myth.
Amanda: That’s his job. (pauses) He puts razor blades in apples.
Matt: Actually, I got fired for that.


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