Monday, February 26, 2007

Arana for the win

Sarah's logic professor is a veritable gold mine of quotable goodness.

Prof Arana: It could be a name for "Chetina", the not very common German name I just made up.

Joe, to Prof Arana: The department needs to adopt a Kuwaiti boy, is that what you're saying?

Prof Arana: Making babies really pays off in this state.

Prof Arana: So let those endophins rush. This is what makes it all worthwhile. This is like the national championship. (after proving ∀x[T(x) -> L(x)] -> [∀xT(x) -> ∀xL(x)])

Prof Arana: I'm smoking hot, guys. This is very physical logic we're doing here.

Prof Arana: "c" disappears in a poof of smoke, and you ought to make a sort of "poof" sound.

Prof Arana: Now you go back to plain, boring, ordinary life where you don't have a funny name for that object.

Prof Arana: So that's a pretty exciting proof, yeah, exciting in the way Baywatch is exciting... not very exciting.

Prof Arana: So let's do another proof that's a little more... seductive.

Prof Arana: Up until now we've been just sort of grazing in the grass.

Prof Arana: (giggles) You just wrote "ass" on the board.

Prof Arana: There are no insights here. That's good. We don't want insight.

Prof Arana: Give me a keg of beer.

Prof Arana: c is the sad set... real sad. It ruined a man's life.

Prof Arana: It's metafun. Is metafun fun?

Prof Arana: The academic life is like that - long walks on the beach, a bit of logic romance...

Prof Arana: If I give you three cookies and two pencils, which is more?
500-level logic class: (total silence)

Prof Arana: I'm a Yankee by birth, rebel by choice, Southerner by the grace of God.


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