Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Toast! Yeah, toast!

Niki: I want to sniff your face.

Stevie: The future of tomorrow, today!

Sarah: You'll have a shortcut button on your keyboard that says "breakfast".
Stevie: Make me toast! Make me toast! Make me toast! (presses button repeatedly)
Sarah: And then it will go *doink* *doink* *doink* "Out of bread! Out of bread! Please load more bread and press the OK button on the toast drive."

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

smart quotes

Niki: In Soviet Russia, book marks you.

Logic Professor, on bound variables: I like this sort of bondage talk here... master and servant...

Logic Professor: When it comes to logic, I like it weird.

Logic Professor: Is it true that for all x, x is Garboo with itself?

Logic Professor: You don't know what "makk" means. I don't know what "makk" means and I just made it up.

Another Professor: The decision is made by President What-the-hell-is-his-name...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

3rd Annual Lock-In Quote Page!!! (super-coolx0rs)

Stevie says: "This quote page may be inappropriate for some audiences."

Zach, beating Brian with a boffer: Be more exciting! Be more exciting!

Shelby: People can get really excited when you beat them with those things.

Cien: I won the tic-tac-cheez.

Sarah, to Cien: We'll Photoshop you onto a Tetris block.

Lauren: ...and a Prince Valiant haircut.

Zach: What, were we doing an orgy?

Lauren: It smells like the Rainbow.

Jessica: Stevie said "syphilis".

Shelby: This is the first anniversary of "Aaahhhh..."

Chad: Do you know any geometry at all?

Cien: I want to cover the campus with instant mashed potatoes.
Sarah: If they caught you, you would so be dead.
Tasha: You could claim that the giant fork outside of King Hall commanded you to do it.
Sarah: Then you'd be dead and in Osawatomie.

Zach: What's wrong with your wooden desk?
Lauren: We were just talking about having sex with it.

Shelby: Come on, come on, come on, come on - BITCH!

Shelby: How about we do it this way - you're stripes, Leota's solids, and I'm 8-ball.

Jessica: "Hitting me sometimes gives you pleasure."
Zach: A lawn mower?

Cien: "I go in hard, I come out soft."
Shelby: Twinkie!

Cien, about Brad and Lauren: See, look - they do it every time!

Derek: It's strange how many things you can kill with a stake through the heart.

Everyone: Pimp my Vagina!
Brian: Fun with Dick and Vagina.
Shelby: We All Live in a Yellow Vagina.
Niki: Whose Vagina is it Anyway?
Leota: Dude, Where's my Vagina?

Jessica: Vagina Must Die.
Cien: I agree.

Shelby: I think anything's open now.
Sarah: If you can put a vagina in it...

Zach: I had a heterosexual moment.

Niki, to Brad: I can't find your nipple, man. Where the fuck is it?

Niki: That horse has got boobs of death.

Zach: I'm the global warming fairy!