Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fortune Suck

Brad: The Pac-man dildo.

Derek: We have a new form of divination - throwing fries.

Lauren: Z. No, 2.
Tasha: That's a 7.

Lauren: "You'll do something interesting with your lover tonight."
Jordan: Oh, God.

Lauren: This will be the next AURA fad: Fortune Suck.

Lauren, to Brad: We should do something with you.

Niki, to Stevie: Do me.

Patty, to Sarah: Were you wandering in my dreams?
Sarah: Why, what was I doing?
Patty: Trying to make out with me!

Sarah, to Zach: Your shirt feels fuzzy (rubs his shirt).

Stevie: I'm making dinner.
Sarah: Out of math?


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