Thursday, September 14, 2006

Teachers and Summer

In ENGL 361 (about Beowulf)
Some Guy: So, Grendel's kind of like the Grinch. He hates all of the fun that the Whos are having, so he goes and ruins it for them.
Prof. Smith: Yeah, but the Grinch steals toys. Grendel bites people in half.

In MANGT 420
Prof. Turnley: You know what? Old people die.

Random Quotes accumulated over the summer:

Chad: I jingle more when I drive.

Chad (very fast and hyper): You wanna play hockey? We could play hockey. I don't have any sticks, but we could kick the wanna play soccer?

Shelby: See, you, me, and Leota are like one big happy family. *GASP* We should adopt Leota!

(Talking about a possible end to the Harry Potter series)
Chad: But that's kind of cliche.
Shelby: It is not cliche, because it's Harry Potter and they have wands. No one's ever done it with wands before.

Shelby (Explaining why girls go to the bathroom in groups): It's so that we have something to do, someone to talk to.
Chad: I just usually play with my cell phone.
Shelby: Oh, I'm so glad you said "-one".


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