Monday, September 04, 2006

A night with the gamers

Zach: I thought I would never lose my virginity. Surprise, surprise.

Zach: I look to my left (looks to the right) which would not be this direction.

Zach: I go up the spiral staircase going (sings) I'm going to be eaten... I'm going to be eaten by a Grue!

Brad: "How a Bullet Hurts You"

Zach: Titty bars are the best place to meet gay men.

Zach: I want to major in Pleasure.

Stevie: If that were possible, I would go as the American Revolution.

Brad: I love it. I'm intimidating. Eeeeeee! (huge grin)

Lauren: I kind of passed out and fell off the hood of a car.
Brad: Kind of?

Sarah, to Tim: Tim. Tim the Enchanter. That way I'll remember you.

All, signing: Three vampires, two werewolves, and a mage in a pear tree!

Derek: Sarah gets 50 XPs!

Stevie: Why - WHY, when you said "Ghoul Frenzy," did I think of a rave?!

Stevie: Ok, I've never seen a straight man prance, but that was close.

Lauren: (Valley Girl voice) Oh my gawd! I should so wear a corset!

Lauren, singing: Na na na na na na na na Bat-Priest!

Stevie: I have to go now, because my grandmother's on fire.

Jordan: That's why you should be a Jenova's Witness.
Sarah: I'd rather be a Jemima's Witness.

Derek: Your morally apprehensible friend comes over...

Derek: Father Priest Man is an older man...

Tim, randomly: I like pie.

Tim: I'm a fighter, I smash, I shoot...
Sarah: Do you score?

Niki: I do donuts in the parking lot... Wait, does ADD go under Flaws?

Lauren: I'm going to toss my blood!

Lauren: It's Mageaerobics! "It's here! It's gone! It's here! It's gone!"

Niki: Hey, if I get shot, I get out of next week's math test.


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