Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More ancient quotes.

Recently excavated from a pile of photographs, "Best of the Fourums," Strong Bad coasters, and other nostalgia.

Shelby, looking at the Sex in Ancient Greece cards: I enjoy that.

Shelby: Aagh! I hate people who are like, "Nooo, Dumbledore can't really be dead!"

Cien: Excuse me while I unfold Zino.

Sarah: I own your soul.

Cien: I hate Hobby Lobby's atmosphere. It's so... arts and crafty...

Leota: Wouldn't the Whomping Willow try to put out the cinnamon tree?
Sarah: And then the Whomping Willow would catch fire, and you'd have this tree flailing around, and you'd be saying, "Stop, drop and roll! Stop, drop, and roll!"

Chad: I told you that you were in the explosion zone.
Sarah: I don't want you exploding in my zone!


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