Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I fell into a burning ring of fire.

Shelby: Happy cheese comes from happy cows

Cien: Shelby's a graphing calculator!

Chad: I think Willie should specialize in apples and trade for carrots.

Jordan: Immigrants - they happen.

Shelby: Hi! Crisis almost happened.
Leota: I know. (pause) I painted a turtle!

Cien: Sarah, I need to tear your scale.

Jordan: He totally melted the basketball net... with a column of FIRE!

Jordan's dad shot himself in the foot... with a hammer.

Jessica: So... tell me about this pants exploding thing.

Shelby: Who here would stand in the room while someone shot roman candles at them and just say, "Ooooh, pretty!"?
(half of the room raises hands)

Jessica: Wow! I have a phone.

Shelby: Yay, I have "oh shit!" handles now!

Zach (chasing Jordan): Take me. TAKE ME!

And the next day...

Jonas Hogg, to Sarah: I transcribed the Fourum calls last year. I heard your voice a LOT.


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