Sunday, September 24, 2006

History of Theatre Part II

Dr. Davy - My name's Dan Davy, I'll try to start making sense at some point.

Dr Davy - This is History of Theatre II. We always start the year with 2 and move on to 1, for obvious reasons.

Dr. Davy - You can't laugh at the syllabus until you look at it. You have to give it a chance first.

Dr. Davy - I left the "n" out. No "n" in "French" is "Frech".

Kurt *looking at Jake's new ID - Why do you look so mad?
Jake - Cause I was pissed off at the world. My dad didn't hug me enough.

Dr. Davy - We'll pick up Wed--Fri--wherever in the murk of reality I transverse, we'll get to it.

Dr. Davy - Oh, you're going by the syllabus, how naive. Isn't that charming.

Dr. Davy - ...keys, hmm, what an interesting thing. Try it at home.

Dr. Davy - I can't believe it's taking me this long to get throught the 18th century. It's taking me 100 years.

Dr. Davy - So he wrote one good novel, one good poem, one good play, and then he died.

Dr. Davy - So if this dispension of virtue virtue virtue had been going on for 75 years in theatre, what would be the reaction of you wrote a play without it?
Kurt - Oh hell no!

Tim - That's a long time, Dr. Davy, from 1798-1905.
Dr. Davy - Well, he did push-ups.


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