Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More ancient quotes.

Recently excavated from a pile of photographs, "Best of the Fourums," Strong Bad coasters, and other nostalgia.

Shelby, looking at the Sex in Ancient Greece cards: I enjoy that.

Shelby: Aagh! I hate people who are like, "Nooo, Dumbledore can't really be dead!"

Cien: Excuse me while I unfold Zino.

Sarah: I own your soul.

Cien: I hate Hobby Lobby's atmosphere. It's so... arts and crafty...

Leota: Wouldn't the Whomping Willow try to put out the cinnamon tree?
Sarah: And then the Whomping Willow would catch fire, and you'd have this tree flailing around, and you'd be saying, "Stop, drop and roll! Stop, drop, and roll!"

Chad: I told you that you were in the explosion zone.
Sarah: I don't want you exploding in my zone!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I fell into a burning ring of fire.

Shelby: Happy cheese comes from happy cows

Cien: Shelby's a graphing calculator!

Chad: I think Willie should specialize in apples and trade for carrots.

Jordan: Immigrants - they happen.

Shelby: Hi! Crisis almost happened.
Leota: I know. (pause) I painted a turtle!

Cien: Sarah, I need to tear your scale.

Jordan: He totally melted the basketball net... with a column of FIRE!

Jordan's dad shot himself in the foot... with a hammer.

Jessica: So... tell me about this pants exploding thing.

Shelby: Who here would stand in the room while someone shot roman candles at them and just say, "Ooooh, pretty!"?
(half of the room raises hands)

Jessica: Wow! I have a phone.

Shelby: Yay, I have "oh shit!" handles now!

Zach (chasing Jordan): Take me. TAKE ME!

And the next day...

Jonas Hogg, to Sarah: I transcribed the Fourum calls last year. I heard your voice a LOT.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

History of Theatre Part II

Dr. Davy - My name's Dan Davy, I'll try to start making sense at some point.

Dr Davy - This is History of Theatre II. We always start the year with 2 and move on to 1, for obvious reasons.

Dr. Davy - You can't laugh at the syllabus until you look at it. You have to give it a chance first.

Dr. Davy - I left the "n" out. No "n" in "French" is "Frech".

Kurt *looking at Jake's new ID - Why do you look so mad?
Jake - Cause I was pissed off at the world. My dad didn't hug me enough.

Dr. Davy - We'll pick up Wed--Fri--wherever in the murk of reality I transverse, we'll get to it.

Dr. Davy - Oh, you're going by the syllabus, how naive. Isn't that charming.

Dr. Davy - ...keys, hmm, what an interesting thing. Try it at home.

Dr. Davy - I can't believe it's taking me this long to get throught the 18th century. It's taking me 100 years.

Dr. Davy - So he wrote one good novel, one good poem, one good play, and then he died.

Dr. Davy - So if this dispension of virtue virtue virtue had been going on for 75 years in theatre, what would be the reaction of you wrote a play without it?
Kurt - Oh hell no!

Tim - That's a long time, Dr. Davy, from 1798-1905.
Dr. Davy - Well, he did push-ups.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Teachers and Summer

In ENGL 361 (about Beowulf)
Some Guy: So, Grendel's kind of like the Grinch. He hates all of the fun that the Whos are having, so he goes and ruins it for them.
Prof. Smith: Yeah, but the Grinch steals toys. Grendel bites people in half.

In MANGT 420
Prof. Turnley: You know what? Old people die.

Random Quotes accumulated over the summer:

Chad: I jingle more when I drive.

Chad (very fast and hyper): You wanna play hockey? We could play hockey. I don't have any sticks, but we could kick the wanna play soccer?

Shelby: See, you, me, and Leota are like one big happy family. *GASP* We should adopt Leota!

(Talking about a possible end to the Harry Potter series)
Chad: But that's kind of cliche.
Shelby: It is not cliche, because it's Harry Potter and they have wands. No one's ever done it with wands before.

Shelby (Explaining why girls go to the bathroom in groups): It's so that we have something to do, someone to talk to.
Chad: I just usually play with my cell phone.
Shelby: Oh, I'm so glad you said "-one".

Monday, September 04, 2006

A night with the gamers

Zach: I thought I would never lose my virginity. Surprise, surprise.

Zach: I look to my left (looks to the right) which would not be this direction.

Zach: I go up the spiral staircase going (sings) I'm going to be eaten... I'm going to be eaten by a Grue!

Brad: "How a Bullet Hurts You"

Zach: Titty bars are the best place to meet gay men.

Zach: I want to major in Pleasure.

Stevie: If that were possible, I would go as the American Revolution.

Brad: I love it. I'm intimidating. Eeeeeee! (huge grin)

Lauren: I kind of passed out and fell off the hood of a car.
Brad: Kind of?

Sarah, to Tim: Tim. Tim the Enchanter. That way I'll remember you.

All, signing: Three vampires, two werewolves, and a mage in a pear tree!

Derek: Sarah gets 50 XPs!

Stevie: Why - WHY, when you said "Ghoul Frenzy," did I think of a rave?!

Stevie: Ok, I've never seen a straight man prance, but that was close.

Lauren: (Valley Girl voice) Oh my gawd! I should so wear a corset!

Lauren, singing: Na na na na na na na na Bat-Priest!

Stevie: I have to go now, because my grandmother's on fire.

Jordan: That's why you should be a Jenova's Witness.
Sarah: I'd rather be a Jemima's Witness.

Derek: Your morally apprehensible friend comes over...

Derek: Father Priest Man is an older man...

Tim, randomly: I like pie.

Tim: I'm a fighter, I smash, I shoot...
Sarah: Do you score?

Niki: I do donuts in the parking lot... Wait, does ADD go under Flaws?

Lauren: I'm going to toss my blood!

Lauren: It's Mageaerobics! "It's here! It's gone! It's here! It's gone!"

Niki: Hey, if I get shot, I get out of next week's math test.