Saturday, July 08, 2006

...and then I found five dollars.

Ancient quotes discovered while sorting through the papers under Sarah's bed:

Shelby: Chad! It ate me, help!
Leota: No one helped me when Chad's backseat ate me...

Cien: By the power of Zeus, I cut thee in two.

Shelby: Drink your... ice.

Leota: See, that's what it would be like if you had Shelby for an appendage.

Shelby: I just tried to breathe cookie. It doesn't work.

Shelby: Or would it become staple and baple?

Shelby: Ye olde ducke.

Cien, reading Lauren's shirt: Tim Boobin's...

Sarah, to Stevie: SHELBY SHELBY SHELBY guess what?!?!

Sarah: Naked bonfire dancing!
Stevie: I... eh... ah... are we even zoned for that?
Sarah: I'm sure we can find somewhere in Manhattan.

Sarah: We should do the thing! (impersonates Tetris block)

Cien: Look at me, I'm Celine Dion.

Shelby: So now that we're done discussing Shelby's sexual adventures...

Shelby: We'll break up for Valentine's Day.

Sarah's equipment listing:
Stick of Poking
Scarf of Camp
Necklace of Show Me Your Boobs
Bandana of Death
Car Keys of Plus 10,000,000 Speed

And finally...

Sarah, sorting through papers: Oh, look, I found my state income tax refund! A check for five dollars! (two minutes later) Oh shit, there's a paycheck in here, too. (pause) Well, I suppose with all the old paycheck stubs in here, there was bound to be a check in one of them.

(Total winnings: $72.15, one arcade token, and five pence. Yes, pence.)


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