Monday, May 29, 2006

Leota's Summer Fun

From The Golden Girls:
Blanche: But girls, I don't care if my brother's gay...but why does he have to date men? Aren't there some homosexuals that date women?
Sophia: Yeah, they're called lesbians!

Rose: And then there was the time that Emily Vonheferfefen went to Mexico and brought back a dog. She nursed it back to health, snuggled with it before going to bed...even let it eat off the table with her. Well, one day she took it to the vet and told her that she had made a terrible turned out to be a rat.
Blanche: What does that have to do with Miles being in the witness protection program?
Rose: I've been dating a rat!
Sophia: I've done worse. One year for Dorothy's birthday I made a huge feast out of what I thought was chicken but it was...
Dorothy: MA!

Back to the real world...
Leota's Mom: What do I say to your brother to tell him we're not going to the wedding?
Leota: That we're not going to the wedding?

Mom: You know...some times I just don't know about that girl.
Leota: Yeah...she's five crayons short of a six crayon box.
Mom: Wait...what, my mind didn't comprehend that.
Leota: I stand by and now expand my metaphor.

Leota: I'm thirsty.
Mom: What?
Leota: I'm thirsty.
Mom: What?
Leota: Thirsty...
Mom: What?
Leota: Nevermind...forget about it.
Mom:...well I'm tired too but...
Leota: Wait...what? I don't...what?
Mom, after a couple minutes:...Oh...thirsty.


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