Friday, May 05, 2006

happiness is...

Linus (Dennis) - Happiness is having a lover. (real words: having a sister)
Lucy (Lauren) - Sharing a moment. (sharing a sandwich)
Both - Getting along.

Charlie Brown (Nick) - I want to jump up and down with some joy! *laughs* OK?! No?

Ty Woo - Just go out there and be crazy, bitches.
Liz - Should I say that in my song?
Ty Woo - "Some philosophers say..."
Liz - "Get crazy, bitches!"

Stevie - So the moral here is girls who hump trees get raped--by androids.

Scott Hansen - ...or a potato. You put a couple of diods in a potato and you can light a lightbulb. Should you so choose to light a show that way.


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