Thursday, April 27, 2006

Professor Wilson (so imagine it said in a Scottish accent): An "affect" would be when I return your papers to you and you see the "F" at the top, and you murder me in your rage. A "passion" is more like when you get your papers back and you see the "F" and you take it home and fester over it, start showing up at my house at night, find out my phone number and keep calling me and hanging up, call up the Board of Regents, tell them I'm a devil worshipper and I'm sacrificing babies to Satan...
Chris G: Should we be worried?

When I hear "Rhubarb," I always think of my grandpa. That's because his name was Reuben.
Sarah: Your grandfather was a sandwich?
Lauren: With sauerkraut?
Zach: Your grandfather sounds delicious.
Brad: He was a pastor.
Sarah: Pastor Sandwich?
Zach: Was he pastor-ized?
Sarah: This is going down the road of no return.
Brad: My grandpa was a pasteurized sandwich.

Lauren: I'm not a cork, you cannot screw me.

Derek: We're going to start on cloning now.
Lauren: So you might feel a little prick.

Derek: Which means you'll be digging in his pocket for things to eat.

Brad: Zach just screwed me in the ass.


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