Monday, April 03, 2006

and my handwritting's worse

If you think chemistry teachers are funny, try history of theatre.

Dr Davy: And it just spilled out into the street like, well I've never been there because I'm too afraid, but what I can imagine Aggieville is like at 2am on the weekend. All this spillage.

Dr Davy: Maybe I can write a ledgible "N". That "N" looks like it belongs in Aggieville at 2 in the morning.

Dr. Davy: That "9" shares DNA with the "N".

Dr. Davy: I'm putting that "R" in a straight jacket so it'll hold still and behave for you.

Kurt: Excuse me Dr. Davy, I can't read that.
Dr. Davy: It's the Bha--well I can't read it either.

Dr. Davy: What would Seinfield do if Death came to him?

Dr. Davy, about Italian Renaissance playwriting: It was written mostly by college professors, so it stunk.

It's really hard to catch all the funny stuff he says, he says things in such weird ways I'm never quite sure I heard the sentence correctly.


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