Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What we learned in Chem. II today: The universe is like the mafia.

Aakeroy: I did not hear that.
Class: Seven.
Aakeroy: I still did not hear that.
Class: SEVEN!
Aakeroy: I didn't hear that.
4 people whispering half-heartedly (the rest of us had given up): Seven...
Aakeroy: Right, seven!

Aakeroy: Imagine if there was no weather, what would you talk about if you casually bump into someone? Your social life would go to hell...unless you can somehow get over that activation energy and set off a rather interesting reaction...well...but that's another chapter.

Aakeroy: So...does anyone have an egg?
Aakeroy: Well, there's 200 people in here...someone could have brought an egg.
*someone in the front threw a plastic egg onto the front table and it rolled off and broke in two*
Aakeroy: Brillant, something at least is an egg!

Aakeroy: Who here has broken their leg?
*Several people raise their hands*
Aakeroy: Yesterday?
*All the hands go down*
Aakeroy: No one?...

Aakeroy: According to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics our legs shouldn't exist.

Aakeroy: The universe is just waiting to break your legs.

Leota: I feel like I'm in Chemistry Philosophy...


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