Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Three days of Aakeroy = 3 times the funnies!

Aakeroy: If I could apply a blow torch to the feet of all of you right now there would be movement. It would be a spontaneous reaction and there would be disorder and'd all by running around thinking, "What the hell is he doing?!"

Aakeroy, making people act like vibrating molecules: That's why I didn't want to do makes you look bloody rediculous.

Aakeroy: Perfect order is like heaven or nirvana for molecules. There is no perfect order, so therefore there is no heaven or nirvana.
Jordan: Wow...he just disproved heaven and nirvana with chemistry...

Aakeroy: What do I think about that answer?...bullshit.

Aakeroy, making the molecule imitating people stand up again: I really need you, you know...I'm not trying to humiliate you.
Guy rotating, being sarcastic: Sure...I understand.

Aakeroy: Like two know what I mean...two people stuck together.
*Everyone laughs*
Aakeroy: Remember, what's said in Chem. II, stays in Chem. II.
Jordan and Leota: Oops...

Aakeroy: I like giving you these questions, because you see them and freak out.

Aakeroy: Last year I almost shouted some bad word at this girl whose phone rang in the middle of class. Some people thought that I actually shouted the word, so the next day the dean called me and told me not to yell the "f-word" when someone answers the phone.

Aakeroy: If engineers controlled the would, we should have really efficient candles, nothing else.

Aakeroy: How do you spell "ger?" (pronounced "grrr")


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