Monday, March 27, 2006

Say No To Drugs

Shelby:Do you have money?
Chad: Yes.
Shelby: Would you go buy me some more Tylenol?
Chad: So you want me to buy you drugs?
Shelby: No...Tylenol isn't a drug.
Chad: Yes it is...Tylenol is a substance other then food or water that alters your state of being.
Shelby: Nuh just makes me feel better.

Chad: What color do you want to be?
Shelby: Make me a sick color.
Chad: Green.
Shelby: Green isn't a sick color.
Chad: Puce.
Shelby: Puce is a sick color.
Chad: Puce is green.
Shelby: Nuh Uh, they are two different colors. Ask Crayola.

Shelby: You didn't make me Puce


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