Sunday, March 12, 2006

Cien, about Chelby: You're not as smart as each other.

Cien, about Zach: You're like a Nordic Track.

Sarah: Death is happening, oh my God.

Sarah: All the first things to happen on my bed shall be mine. The first murder, the first sex...

Brad: That cake was disgusting....disgustingly yummy.

Shelby: What's the definition of a tickling fetish?
Cien: When you get turned on -
Shelby: Not you!!!!!!!!

Shelby: This is so interesting watching gay foreplay. It's like watching the National Geographic Channel.

Shelby: So, when two gay guys get together, they form a Wookie?

Cien: We should be a circus.

Chad: So, Brad, how much oil-wrestling have you done?


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