Monday, February 20, 2006

We Must Infiltrate This So-Called "Mormon Camp"

Shelby: Leota, when you type 30, you don't use a little "o".
Leota: I know, but when you type it, they both look...wait, what?

Things You Learn at Mormon Camp
*Chain Mail
*Superhuman powers (for that planet you will later rule)
*Anti-Ninja skills (sorry Leota)
*Speed Raping (polygamy)
*Mad duck-tape skills (yes, I know it's actually "duct-tape", but this sounds cooler)
*Planet-Making 101

Shelby: How do you spell "polygamy?"
Chad: Poly - gamy.
Shelby: Poly-gamy...I get it now!!!

Chad: So am I the only one in AURA with superhuman powers?
Leota: Well, I have Super Ninja Skills.
Chad: Yeah, but I have Anti-Ninja skills.
Leota: So we cancel each other out.
Chad: Actually, I cancel you out. But you have nothing on me.
Leota: ...Nothing power-wise...

Leota: So which country has cuter guys? England or France.
Shelby: Think about it this way...Actors. There are more English actors than French actors, and they only let hot people act, so therefore, England is the way to go. *Complete silence, followed by "brain-all-brokey" noises from Chad.*


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