Monday, February 20, 2006

Too Often Said...

You know, we realized recently that there are a lot of things that we say that are funny but too often said to be repeated on the quote page every five minutes. The solution: Roll them all into one.

Shelby (to Chad as he bangs his head on wall/desk/table/etc.): They don't give kittens to people with bashed in heads!

Everyone: *Insert object here* Ah!

Chad & Shelby: I ate my battleship!!!!

Everyone: You broke *insert name of broken person here*.

Shelby, Chad, & Leota: CRUCIO!!! *smack*

Shelby (after getting into her loft): Shit..........Leoooooooota!!!!!
Leota: Sheeeeeeeelby.....
Shelby: Will you get my *insert forgotten object here* and hand it to me?


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