Saturday, February 18, 2006

Soft-Core Chemistry

Leota: Hey....what happened to Bob the Hersey's Kiss?
Jordan:....He went to a better place....
Leota: Cannabalism...well...sort of...wait....

Jordan: Consider yourself warned because you need to...consider yourself poked!
Becca:...I am now officially disturbed...
Jordan: Muhahahahahahaha!
Leota: Nice work.

Jordan, untangling Leota's headphones: You can not see your headphones!
Leota: Sure, I can't see them all knotted...
Jordan, after untangling them: I don't know what you're talking about.
Leota: You know, those invisible knots.
Jordan: Tricky little buggers.

We really can't get through a single class without him saying at least one thing's like he's trying.

Aakeroy: This is really a soft-core thing.

Aakeroy: Let's pick on someone in the, the big green shirt.
Guy sitting next to Leota: *looks down at his shirt* Ahhhh...shit!


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