Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Hypnotist Guy

So, Chad and I went to see this hypnotist guy today, and we just wanted to share some of the funnier moments.

*He instructed them all to think of their favorite pet and imagine it in front of them. These were the results.

Dale: What do you have there?
Havanah: *Holding out her hands and playing with something in them.* This is my dolphin.
Dale: A dolphin? Wow. What kind of dolphin is that?
Havanah: A goldfish.

Dale: Ben, what are you doing?
Ben: Playing with my alligator. I'm touching his teeth because they're really sharp.
Dale: How many teeth does he have?
Ben: 36 on the bottom and 24 on the top, I counted them twice.
Havanah: *Randomly kicks the air where Ben is petting*
Dale: What did you do that for?
Havanah: He was trying to eat my dolphin.
Michael (who at this point was convinced he was a girl named Princess): My rhino would SO kick his alligator's ass...

*Every time he said "Shut Up," everyone would yell "No, you shut up!" to a little Barney doll, convinced he was the one that said it.

Dale: Ben, what's wrong?
Ben: *Looking really upset* He told me to shut up! I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIEND, BARNEY!!!

Dale: Michael, you look really upset, what happened?
Michael: He told me to shut up...son of a bitch...

*He convinced these two guys that they were going to have babies when he said the word "Baby." These two girls were going to help them deliver the babies. So these guys were on the ground screaming profanities and acting like they were having a baby.

Dale: Michael, what is that?
Michael: It's a baby!
Dale: Is it yours?
Michael: Yeah.
Dale: Is it a boy or a girl?
Michael: It's a boy.
Dale: What's his name?
Michael: I don't know...
Dale: I'll come back later, you figure it out while I'm gone.

Dale: Dustin, what is that?
Dustin: It's a baby...
Dale: Is it yours?
Dustin: Yeah.
Dale: What is it? A boy or a girl?
Dustin: It's a big baby boy.
Dale: What's his name?
Dustin: Dustin.
Dale: So you won't forget your baby's name, right?

Dale: So Michael, what did you name your baby?
Michael: ..........Carl...

If you guys ever get a chance to see someone get hypnotized, DO IT. It's friggin hilarious.


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