Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Rockin' the rock in the dorm room

Jordan: So is Marvin having rock sex with Diana.

Leota: Microwave first; ask questions later.

(on messanger)
Sarah Godar: I don
Sarah Godar: t speak the german

Leota: death by giant slinky

Jordan: sounds like Marvin is becoming a drug

Leota: You never know when you'll build that slinky death machine. . . powered by Marvin.

Jordan: Phys 105: physics with a slinky

Jordan: It's going limp. . . OH GOD!

Jordan: (in a sexy voice to marvin) was it good for you too.

Diana: THUMP!
Marvin (to Diana): THUMP!

Brad: Rock porn

Brad: The Marvin slinky gun

Jordan: I can extenda-poke at any time.

Jordan, to Brad: You can keep your sex drive, I don't want your sex drive.

Leota: That's like a ninja wearing a cowbell.

Jordan: I'm a magic man, I have magic hands.

Brad: I'm going to beat you with my sex drive!

Brad: Apparently my elbow is located. . . My brain is located in my elbow

Leota: Then a lot of little old ladies are hooked on crack.

Leota: Let's make a Marvin bonfire.
Brad: I'll keep that in mind.
Leota: Well, then use it with the Marvin gun...make it a flaming Marvin Gun.

Leota: I'm getting a better and better Idea of what you do for fun

Jordan: I failed to poke myself.

Jordan: Insolent computer

Jordan: Me and Marvin in bed together, just what I want.

Jordan: If I get menanical laughter I won't stop.
Leota: Meniacale

Leota: You guys should both get cameras, stand back to back, take 10 paces. . .

Brad: would you guys stop playing with my sex drive.
Leota: you can have it back
Jordan: so you can play with it

Jordan: I've been violated by marvin.

Leota: I can say my rock is being held against her will
Brad: Raped against her will

Leota: It's my soul, I can do with it as I will....as Brad fondles his rock...

Jordan, to Brad: Once I'm on the bed...NO!

Leota, to Jordan: Where's my rock?...Oh it's under your head isn't it...
(Everyone laughs)

Jordan: Did I just see a camera flash?...that camera is going to hell.

Leota (talking about Diana): It's all warm.
Jordan: could be worse; it could be wet.

Brad(to leota): I think our rocks have a thing
Leota: I'm taking my rock away. I don't want little rocks.

Brad: You are wise to go after my sex drive
Jordan: That sounds like a porn movie.

Brad: (turns on camera)
Jordan: Groans . . . Not again, Oh god not again

Brad: watchout our rocks have diplomatic immunity

Brad: . . .but until then I have rock sex.

Leota: I know Diana stays hot for hours.


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