Thursday, January 19, 2006


Chad: Why do my hands smell like tortilla chips?

Shelby: Get your hands out of my crotch.
Chad: But my hands are cold too.
Shelby: Put your hands in your own crotch.

Chad: We were discussing it when I was standing on a bucket.
Shelby: (Confused look) When were you standing on a bucket?

Shelby: You could be Mormon. Ask Chad if you're a Mormon.
Brad: Am I a Mormon, Chad?
Chad: Not yet. You haven't gone to Mormon Camp yet.
Leota: Yeah, you need to learn how to make chain mail first.

Leota: (Referring to one of Chad's ex-girlfriends) So, wait, you used this girl for her grandmother?

This next conversation came from a discussion as to whether or not we grossed people out with our...excursions.
Chad: Well, we keep it PG most of the time.
Shelby: .....more like PG-13.
Chad: Okay, but it's like a "Titanic" PG-13, just barely there.
Shelby: Actually, "Titanic" was barely PG-13 because it should've been R for nudity....We're more like a "Goblet of Fire" PG-13, like it should be PG, but it's PG-13 just in case, kind of thing.

Chad: You're evil.
Leota: Why?
Chad: Because you get me in trouble.
Leota: How do I get you in trouble?
Chad: When I say something, it barely skims past her [Shelby]. But then you cast in a line, reel it in, pull it up, and dangle it in front of her face.


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