Saturday, January 14, 2006

Lock-In Mayhem

Sarah: Wait, where did my pen go?...oh, I'm holding it.

Leota: Cue hysterical laughter!
(Shelby laughs)
Leota: That never gets old!
Chad: And she's been doing this for an hour...
Sarah, to Chad: Good for you!

Leota, yelling for Shelby: Marco!
Cien: Wait, maybe if I sound like you it'll work. (Immitates Leota's voice) "Cue hysterical laughter!"
(Shelby laughs)
Cien: Found her!

Everyone: Take off your shoes...we're going to have an orgy!

Sarah: That's why I got to grow up as a nature worshipping Christian working at a summer camp going out to campires and watching the sunset................................................................WHAH!

Leota: Ooooo....religious porn.
(Everyone laughs)
Sarah: I really don't see how that's funny.

Sarah: Okay, no more tentacle rape.
Niki: Did I hear tentacle rape?

Derek: The Flying Spaghetti Monster touched me with his noodly appendages.
Brad: In many places many times.

Chad: Thank you, Marvin, god of pool. All hail...WOO!

Cien, singing: Nothing really matters...
Zach: Except for me!

Chad: My pool god is pool god can kick your pool god's ass.

Brad: I've hypothesised about making a Marvin gun.

Niki: I thought it said, "I appreciate the girls given to me."
Leota: Well he is Mormon.

Shelby: Shh...Jesus is coming!
Brad: Why did I take that so wrong?

Leota: We should so do extreme yoga. We need an interstate and a car.

Chad: *snores*

Zach: Perlaps....perjaps....perfaps....nevermind.

Zach: But I don't want to be sucked right now...maybe later.

Shelby: Pancake....AH!

Shelby: I keep chewing it for him, but I keep forgetting and swallowing.

Shelby: If it wasn't on Cien's face, I'd so eat it.

Shelby: Fuck the universe!
Derek: That would take a while.

Shelby: Maybe the black hole isn't the penis, maybe the black hole is just the exit from the penis and we're inside the universe's penis.
Chad: Honey, no pun intented, but that was deep.

Shelby: So if the black hole was like the exit from the penis, then the universe would be really fun to have sex with, because all this light would be shooting out of its penis and that would be really cool in the dark.

Niki: Be careful not to stick your foot in the pancake.

Shelby, to Zach: Careful, you're going to step on the pancake.
(Zach jerks his foot back)
Leota: Was it going to bite you?

Shelby, to Chad: You move too much!

Leota: look like a drinky-drinky bird right now.


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