Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hash Pizza Take Two

Shelby: The light of Jesus guides my way.

Shelby: There's a weird-ass bump on my boob....oh wait it's just a pimple.
(Walks over to Leota in just a bra)
Shelby: See...look!

Leota: ...My balls are touching me.
(A little later)
Leota: Ow...now the balls are in my back.

Leota: I'm going back to my book now, everything makes sense in vampire land.

Leota: But your eyes were bloodshot.
Shelby: Well, they do that when I'm tired.
Leota: But Chad's eyes were red too.
Shelby: Well maybe he inherited it from me...

Shelby: Goodnight.
Leota: Goodnight.
Shelby: ...I almost told you that I loved you...

Shelby: Leota....do you still have the quote page open? I just dreamed about someone getting knuckled.


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