Monday, January 23, 2006

Hash Pizza and Godly Pepsi

Barbara: I don't comprehend things when I'm asleep.

Shelby: That, AH!


Shelby: I have the gift...I can grow pop.

Leota: I understood that...wait, am I Mormon?

Shelby: It even tastes godly.

Chad (over the course of time): Leota, get me a pen. (Some time later) This one's out, can you get me another? (Some time later) This one's out, too, can you get me another? (Some time later) This one's too fat to write with. Hold on. (Pulls out a pencil from his pocket)
Leota: So then why did I go get pens?
Chad: Because this is a pencil.
Leota: You and your Mormon logic.

Leota: I think I wanna be a Chricamor...or a Wictianmon.

Chad: She looks do those pancakes.

Leota: What are we on?
Shelby: Hash Pizza.
Chad: (Smoker Hack)

Leota: Maybe they're Commandments Version 2.0.

Shelby: I need another paper.
Chad: Here (Pulls out paper from his pocket).
Leota: You already had paper in your pocket, too?
Shelby (After some time): So can I have the paper?
Chad: No.

Leota: When that kid grows up, that's gonna be his claim to flame.

Chad: So the stegosaurus had a ganglia. It had a brain in its ass.

Shelby: I meant to say "Spout" but "Spigot" was a more fun word.

Shelby: But you could've been reincarnated as a girl...maybe that's why you're a lesbian. (Explanation: Yet more talk about how Leota is Harry Potter reincarnated)

Barbara: I was talking to Josh in the closet.
Chad: Did you ever come out?
Leota: She's sitting right in front of you.
Barbara: Yes...but, no...but...uh...

Barbara: Take it out! Take it out! Please!!! I don't like sharp objects!

Chad: We could do a whole bunch of EEHHHH!!!!!!! (Explanation: Chad was trying to say something while Shelby was giving him the weird-eye look that makes him make funny noises.)

Chad: So you want to be Robin's Egg.
Shelby: Who's Robin and why am I his egg?
Chad: Who says it has to be a him?
Shelby: Who's Robin and why am I her egg?
Chad: Who says it has to be a her?
Shelby:.......Who's Robin and why am I...its egg?

Shelby: So are we going to turn on Jesus tonight for our nightlight?

Chad: Oh shit...I just turned on Jesus.
Leota: You're making Jesus hot, Chad.
(Extra note: Chad decided halfway through to not be white anymore, so I picked the closest thing to fuschia I could find)

Shelby: Are we done being funny yet? Cause I wanna go to bed.

Shelby: Stop thrusting...Dammit, Chad!

Shelby: No, I'm not tired. I'm just yawning for the fuck of it....Dammit! I used the wrong swear word....

Shelby: How do you spell fuschia?
Leota: F-U-S-C-H-I-A
Shelby: Oh, that's why it looked weird. I was forgetting the "H."
Leota:......"Fuck-ya?"....Oh, I was forgetting the "S."


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