Saturday, January 14, 2006

Fangirls=Most Dangerous Things on Earth

Jordan and I over Yahoo Messenger.

You have nothing to be scared of...unless your name is Ville Valo...then I might seem a little crazy to you. >.>
Jordan : hahahah
Jordan : only a fan girl, right..
Leota: I suppose, a fan girl who knows she has no chance in hell...but yes, I guess so
Jordan : hahaha
Jordan : still...a fan of the most dangerous things on the earth..
Jordan : :P
Leota: As long as no one touches the calendar...we'll all be fine.
Jordan : hahaha
Jordan : hmm
Jordan : *edges over to the calendar*
Leota: *gnaws off your arm*
Jordan : [must purge the evil...]
Jordan : AAAAAA!!!
Jordan : *waves a bloody stump around*
Leota: *sews arm back on* Let that be a lesson to you
Jordan : *arm flops uselessly*
Leota: I'm not really that obsessed though......oh and that arm will heal....................eventually... >.>


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