Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Brad: So you're the anti-crust.

Cien: I tend not to talk to assholes.

Cien: Are you gay?
Chad: No...
Cien: Then duh!

Cien: I forgot I existed.

Chad: The Chinese invented powder, because they didn't love guns.

Brad: The Chinese invented Cien.

Cien: But everyone speaks everything in Switzerland.

Niki: We would have gotten there sooner, but I had problems with my pants.

Cien: I feel like I'm a waste of humanity because I can't hiccup.

Cien: It's kind of like pleaple...

Shelby: Jesus had six glasses of what!?1

Cien: Can we do that? Is it free? I want to be ordained!

Shelby: You flicked my boobie into my eye!

Brad: I just got creamed by Cien.

Chad: She's fantasizing you big, hairy, fat guys.

Cien: You sladder-climber!

Chad: Water aaaah...

Cien: Why do you have to have a passport to go to Canada?
Shelby: Because it's another country.

Cien: Be firm with her.
Shelby: He is firm with me. He was firm with me twice today.
Cien: That's hot.

Sarah: We should go to Minnesota and go to Sex World.

Cien: SEX! I'm enjoying that word tonight.

Shelby, to Chad: He's going to fork you.

Cien: Shelby, do you have your car here? I need to look for my thing in the back seat.

Shelby: I knowing lots of stuff.

Cien: Jeans Not Corsets... Obstetrician.


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