Friday, December 02, 2005

The reason why we didn't get too much done in high school...

Amber, Leota, and Robert between 10:00 and 12:45pm in Smurthwaite

Robert: It was so hard too.
Amber: I'm sorry, next time I'll do it softer.
Robert, looking at Amber weirdly: Okay...
Leota, laughing: Give me a pencil and a piece of paper!

Amber: See, Leota loves me more.
Robert: Well yeah, that's why she's your lover.
Leota: I'll get Sarah that TV yet!

Leota: OMG! Isaac can talk?!

Robert: OMG, Mark's laugh was worse than Sam's bark...and that bark was creepy...

Amber: Relationship and friendship are not the same thing.
Leota: Yeah, if they were, Facebook would have a "in a friendship with" option.

Robert: I'm going to sleep what you will.

Robert, about to fall asleep: Do I look like an egg to you?
Leota and Amber: Yes...
Robert: Then scramble me in a pot.
Amber: OMG, It's like he's drunk!

Amber, to Robert who was falling asleep standing up: Okay, it's time to sit down now.
Robert: Huh...what?....

Amber: Hey, if you want to see drunk, I'll wake Robert up.

Amber, trying to wake Robert up: Hey, time to wake up, I'll take you home to your bed.
Robert: ..............what?.............this is my bed.....
Leota: No...this is Smurthwaite.
Robert: What am I doing in Smurthwaite?


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