Friday, December 16, 2005

Pirate.. arg...

Over AIM.. amazingly one of the cheapest ways to talk to some one that lives in california..

Lillie: I feel piratey
Derek: my trianer always feels that way.. to the point he has 'captain will' on his name tag
Lillie: well, I've got one up on him *points to the parrot on her shoulder*
*gestures vaguely at her shoulder* this is Sparkle, she's a cockatiel, she belongs to my little brother's science class
Derek: *grins* *wavse to sparkle*
Lillie: She politely ignores everything unless it's the muffin you're trying to eat for breakfast XD
or jewelry...she likes jewelry (she's the pirate I tell you!!!)
I wanna know who's bright idea it was to name her sparkle brother and I are starting a secret pirate-y-parrot rebellion and calling her tori...which means bird in japanese XD
Derek: fun fun I actaully knew that... it invovles a long night and AURA
Lillie: wee I've also been calling her Kaizoku *shifty eyes*


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