Wednesday, December 07, 2005

In British...

Shelby: I heard out of the corner of my ear.

Shelby, being Stan Shunpike: "What were you doin' down there?" "I fell over." "'Choo fell over fo?" "'Choo lookin at?"

Shelby: Harry Potter helps me study, alright? It just does.

Shelby, being Hagrid: "Shouldn'a said tha."
Leota: I'm just imagining your head on a fat, hairy guy's body.

Leota: What tea will help me be awake? (looks through her tea) Oh wait, maybe the one called "Awake."

Shelby: Who else could I do from Harry Potter?

(Shelby, trips over Chad's present)

Leota: I just tried to breathe noodle.

Shelby: Okay, I think we're done with this post.
Leota: I was just making sure we were done being funny.
Shelby: I have to pee...all this laughing makes me have to pee.
Leota, after pushing 'Publish Post': Well, good thing we can edit the post.


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