Sunday, December 04, 2005

At the Bistro (11/27/05)

Sarah: If we're lucky, there'll be another tornado.

Derek: Oh crap, we're all screwed... Would you like some tea?

Cien: Usually when I visualize the country, Iowa gets left off.
Sarah: It's easy to do.

Cien: ...and we had to come up with words that start with x.
Derek: Zebra!

Sarah: Oh, yeah. Painting is the hallmark sign of someone with French tendencies.

(Zach enters)
Everyone: Yay!
Zach: I almost died twice today.
Everyone: Yay! Oh, wait - good for you!

Cien: Chocolate syrup plus coffee powder equals mercury.

Shelby: Anyway, back to Jesus.

Sarah: Oh, I thought we were being knocked on.

Cien: Bawk bawk BOOM!

Shelby: Annie's so nice, she gave me a bird!

Shelby: Don't touch his eyes!
Cien: Why not? I've touched every other part of him.

Cien, narrating: Brad pulled down Annie's shirt, revealing her soft, supple breasts...

(phone rings)
Guy on Phone: It's a horse!

Shelby: I want to die and come back as Oprah.
Leota: You are Oprah.

Cien and Sarah: Everyone is different. No two people are not Oprah.


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