Sunday, November 13, 2005

At the Bistro (11/13/05)

Shelby: Brad, your finger tastes like crap.
Brad: Well, obviously. That's where it's been.

Sarah: Dude, if you were playing Collapse, you'd so be winning right now.

Sarah: Why would he be giving us a suspicious look? We don't look sush... shus... spushc... (gives up)

Katie: He came back from the dead! He was a vampire!

Shelby: No, the bad is what the Devil does!
Leota: God!

Jordan: You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake!

Derek: Phone sex. It isn't comfy.

Sarah: What's a baboon?
Shelby: What's a baboon?
Sarah: Yeah, that was a pop quiz.
Shelby: Shit!

Shelby, as Katie laughs hysterically: Are you sure she isn't the one who's been licking this thing?
Katie, three minutes later: (still laughing)

Shelby: Scoooooooooooooop!

Shelby: B felt weird.

Katie: What's my next line?
Derek: Die and burn in hell!
Brad: Personal interpretation.

Brad: Remember, pillage before you burn.

Jordan: Brad, watch where you're slapping there.


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