Sunday, September 11, 2005

At the Bistro (09/11/05)

Shelby: He probably thinks that Santa Claus is real, too.
Leota: And he brings him algorithms for Christmas.

Sarah: Ooh, ooh! I brought tarot cards and a bag of rocks!

Cien: In the music department, we refer to people as instruments.

Sarah: Oh cwute.

Shelby, to Sarah: Do me!!

Shelby: Oh God, I got the Four of Pretzels!

Sarah, about Shelby's tarot reading: Oh, this is a sucky outcome.

Shelby: Well, could it mean that my boyfriend's going to leave me for a gay man?
Sarah: Hmmm.... if you had the Five of Cups or something, but - oh, wait, you did have the Five of Cups.

Cien: Oh, crap. I'm a sinner and God's a pervert.

Cien and Sarah: Nuuuuu!
Brad: Ni!

Cien: ...querent...

Shelby, confused: Did you draw Yoda?

Sarah: Like Yoda, or Darth Vader, or Snoopy...

Shelby: IPA is evil!
Chad: They're fighting over me!

Derek: Our ass table is gone.

Cien: Shut up! I'm reading the Bible!


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